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LogisALL opens up a new talented person of logistics as a global total logistics company
that goes beyond Asia with the best talent and joint logistics system.

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LogisALL, which has been existed with the spirit of pioneering and creation!
We will continue our 100-year history with our customers.

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LogisALL supports more than 200,000 corporate customers,
with 60 logistics centers nationwide.



LogisALL is a brand and group that integrates all affiliates.

  • KPP
  • KCP
  • KLP
  • ULN
  • KPN


Korea Pallet Pool System

In order to introduce and spread UNIT LOAD POOL SYSTEM, which is the basis for improving logistics, Kpp builds and operates PPS (PALLET POOL SYSTEM) that can jointly utilize pallets regardless of the distribution, food, textiles, agriculture, petrochemicals, etc., with the focus on domestic standard T-11 pallets.

  • Pallet Pool System

    This is a system which is designed to contributed to rationalization of logistics and reduction of logistics costs by standardizing the specifications and dimensions of pallets.

  • RRPP Pool

    RRPP is a lightweight pallet that can reduce logistics costs compared to existing pallets, which are available multiple times, and a new method created to address existing pooled issues is poolsystem.


Korea Container Pool System

The Korea Container Pool, which considers the environment, provides TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTION, which is high in terms of logistics rationalization through logistics standardization and logistics hollowing out

  • Agricultural SCM

    The KCP develops the optimal operation FLOW for each distribution flow so that products can be distributed in the best condition, from production sites to consumers, and pursues the WIN - WIN system, which can benefit both producers and sellers.

  • Industry

    The KCP Industrial Logistics System is a joint asset management system that contributes to the reduction of logistics costs and environmental protection in the 21st century by providing containers considering their respective characteristics, mainly in the auto parts and forging industries.


Korea Logis Pool

The KLP provides customized logistics services suitable for each industry's logistics process, such as agricultural and electrical appliances, general consumer goods and other industrial goods, while the Logistic Expert analyzes the logistics process from suppliers to consumers, designs processes tailored to the customer logistics environment, and provides optimized integrated logistics services.

  • Total Supply Chain Provider

    Total Supply Chain Provider


U Logis Net

ULN systematically manages all logistics activities in the Supply Chain through advanced logistics systems such as RFID, TMS, and WMS to provide Merit for customers to improve the logistics process and reduce logistics costs. Customers can conveniently and cheaply use logistics services such as settlement and logistics center management in request for delivery, shipment, and tracking cargo locations.

  • RFID & WEB

    To provide an integrated management system, we are conducting a demonstration project for RFID.

  • Integrated SCM

    Total logistics service is provided by implementing a logistics integration management system and allocation of cars simulation.

  • WMS & TMS

    Provide intelligent solutions through an efficient management system.


Korea Pool Network Co.,Ltd.

KPN has been at the forefront of reducing logistics costs for agricultural products by supplying packaging containers for fresh food and industrial products. It also contributes to environmental protection with the pooling and repetitive use of standardized containers.

  • Plastic Box POOL Business

    To streamline logistics operations such as packaging, storage, unload, and transportation, pallet&container is standardized, enabling many users to pool and reuse, thereby reducing logistics costs, improving operations management and pursuing eco-friendly rental methods

  • Movement rental & sales

    Customers can rent the required amount of pallet&container at the required time to reduce the burden of self-purchase, flexibly respond to demand fluctuation during the off-season period, and the unit load system by standardization can improve the operation management



Joint Logistics Leading Global Logistics

We have a management concept to create value of logistics by realizing the new logistics system and to promote co-existence with customers through it.
For the past 30 years or so, LogisALL has constantly taken the lead in changing and innovating in the field of logistics, constantly leading the evolution of logistics.