LogisALL has led the development of the logistics industry through changes and innovations over the past 30 years.

Right People

LogisALL waits for creative challenges from talent and dreams in various fields.

  • Challenger

    A person who is not afraid of failure and leads by the spirit of challenge.

    He's not complacent now, he's creating a new world. Of course, there is a lot of possibility of failure in the spirit of challenge. But a person with a spirit of challenge means a person who manages to overcome failures and continuously correct errors.
  • Creative people

    A creative person who makes a difference, not a response to a change.

    The world is changing. In this changing age, the ability to create things that other people don't dare to think about is very important. You need to be very creative in discovering the needs of the market and building a logistics system with deep expertise in logistics.
  • A person with logistics knowledge & foreign language ability

    A person with an international sense and practical ability.

    Our LogisAll members must have the ability to help our customers as logistics specialists, and to become a leading Asian logistics company, they must have the ability to speak foreign languages.
  • A cooperative person

    A person who can think of everyone

    It's not just for me, but for our profit-taking, but for us all to build a system that includes our customers and we're all moving on. So the person who can work together is the person who breaks down the wall in everything, and connects inside and outside.