LogisALL has led the development of the logistics industry through changes and innovations over the past 30 years.

Logistics Equipment Rental

LogisALL's logistics equipment leasing business reduces the investment and operating costs of logistics equipment by leasing and operating logistics equipment through consulting, customer demand prediction, and market research.
Logistics equipment business

Logistics Equipment Lease, Management and Consulting Service

  • All types of forklifts are available depending on the customer's NEEDS, including the manufacturer they want, the specifications they want.
  • A nationwide network of A/S engineers ensures optimal equipment performance.
Sales of consumables and general maintenance business
Consumables for sale
  • Supply of consumables for logistics equipment (forklift battery, tires, etc.).
  • LogisALL brand power ensures price and service reliability.
General maintenance
  • Rapid diagnosis and processing with nationwide A/S network.
  • Provide reliable and transparent data through LEMS (In-house Computer Program).
Logistics Facilities Consulting Project
  • Provides consulting for logistics facilities such as auto warehouse, rack (RACK) etc.
  • Consulting for special loading devices such as three-way clearances, order pickers, and high-reach are provided.

Cooperative company