LogisALL has led the development of the logistics industry through changes and innovations over the past 30 years.


  • LogisALL
    LogisALL Co., Ltd. is...
    LogisALL Co., Ltd. Has subsidiaries with high competitiveness in the logistics business field such as pallet & container rental, logistics information system, logistics consulting and SCM. Subsidiaries of LogisALL has entered into an overseas logistics business such as USA, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan as well as Korea, and is continuously making an effort to find a wider market. LogisALL pursues discovery and cultivation of new growth engines in response to changes in economy, market and technology environment. We are making our best effort to lead eco-friendly logistics and IT logistics through long-term and continuous investment. Thus, LogisALL will create continuous value for customers, employees and shareholders in a rapidly changing international environment.
  • Korea Pallet Pool
    Korea Pallet Pool Co., Ltd.
    Has pallets such as T-12 and T-13 type based on T-11 type, which is a standard pallet. The company established nationwide logistics network so that various companies in the field of textile, oil, food, household items, agricultural and marine products and fertilizer can share them. In addition, the company is greatly contributing to the improvement of logistics standardization, pooling and logistics efficiency in Korea through nationwide pallet pool system that inputs, collects and manages pallets.
  • Korea Container Pool
    Korea Container Pool Co., Ltd.
    Standardized the specification and dimensions of containers for interoperability so that many companies can use containers jointly. The company is increasing efficiency in overall logistics such as rationalizing logistics, reducing logistics costs and preserving the environment. Currently, the company is establishing and operating Container Pool System, a joint use system of container by leasing method to rationalize the logistics of the domestic industry. This allows to reduce packaging costs, inhibits packaging waste, and promotes standardization of packaging dimensions.
  • Korea Logis Pool
    Korea Logis Pool Co., Ltd.
    Is taking charge of pallets and containers collection across the country and integrates and manages the interface on supply chain from partner companies to customers. The company conducts the logistics consulting business, a Thick Tank which will lead logistics innovation and system design of domestic and overseas transportation business, joint logistics business of agricultural product and customer companies. In addition, the company is building logistics information system business of e-commerce through advanced technology and existing business foundation such as FRID for establishing ubiquitous network for all logistics activities. It is promoting SCM business as a comprehensive logistics business including other collected logistics, international logistics and environmental logistics.
  • Ulogisnet
    Ulogisnet Co., Ltd.
    Systematically manages all logistics activities on supply chain including domestic transportation of raw materials, parts and half-finished goods, storage / delivery and shipping process through advanced logistics system such as RFID, TMS and WMS. The rational operation of logistics through such systematic logistics information system provides the customer companies the merits of improving logistics process and reducing logistics costs. Customers can use logistics related tasks such as requesting shipment, delivering, shipping, tracking the cargo location, settlement and management of logistics center easily at affordable price.
  • Korea Pool Networks
    Korea Pool Networks Co., Ltd.
    Has been at the forefront of reducing logistics costs of customers and improving eco-friendly value through joint use business (pool method) of standard logistics equipment. Currently, the company is equipped with various logistics centers in Korea and providing services so that customers can use logistics equipment quickly and conveniently when needed. In addition, customers can reduce logistics costs, protect goods and reduce wastes by improving work productivity through the use of standard logistics equipment in all distribution process from production site to consumers.
  • Korea Pool Networks
    LogisALL Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd
    LogisALL Consulting and Engineering Co., Ltd is a logistic specialized expert organization providing integrated logistics consulting and technology-based engineering services for the customer to enhance their supply chain and logistics competitive edge. LCE provides the optimal logistics operation solution based on the supply chain strategy. In addition, we provide global leading automation facilities and cutting-edge automated robot solution suits customer’s workplace. Overall, LCE Will lead the digital transformation of the logistics industry by continuously researching and investing in advanced ICT technologies such as AI, Robot, and Big Data, as well as robotics engineering techniques.

· Overseas corporation

  • Corporation in Shanghai
    LAS, a corporation in Shanghai
    Is taking lead in reducing logistics costs through Pool System between Korea and China by establishing logistics network of supplying and collecting logistics equipment based on Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen in China. In particular, the company provides mesh container, which is a logistics container suitable for China, to manufacturers of steel parts and automobile parts, and is focusing on development new items and new business model based on this.
  • LAC
    LAC, a corporation in Qingdao
    Operates warehouse storage, customs clearance, quarantine and forwarding services through logistics warehouses located in bonded warehouse in Qingdao, China, providing effect of reducing logistics costs through early refund of export tax rebate and prompt customs clearance. Bonded logistics district is a special zone where logistics districts located in China is considered and operated as a region outside of border of China like Hong King. When the cargo enters the bonded logistics district, it is recognized as export, and when the cargo sends to other regions in China, it is recognized as import. Therefore, tariff and export tax rebate are exempted unlike existing bonded districts, reducing logistics costs as a region of prompt clearance.
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