LogisALL has led the development of the logistics industry through changes and innovations over the past 30 years.

CEO Message

LogisAll is a Total Logistics Community

We have a management philosophy of creating logistics values by creating new logistics system and coexisting with our customers.
We have a dream to commercialize unique and creative joint logistics system and
become a pioneer in logistics not only in Korea but also in Asia.
LogisALL has been taking lead in changes and innovation of the logistics field for over the past 30 years, leading continuous evolution and development of logistics.

CEO Suh Byong-Yoon

Korea Pallet Pool Co., Ltd., started as Korea Logistics Research Institute in 1984 and stepped in on the logistics field. Established consistent pallet system in the domestic logistics industry, developing a Unit Load system through mechanization of cargo handling. Korea Container Pool Co., Ltd., established in 1996, has succeeded in building container pool system that collects and uses repeatedly containers, another axis of Unit Load System.

These standardization and pool system of pallets and containers are currently used by about 150,000 companies, serving an excellent role in reducing logistics costs and increasing logistics efficiency.

Korea Logis Pool Co., Ltd., started in 2002, established nationwide logistics network and provides cutting-edge SCM service that moves goods efficiently at an affordable price. U Logis Net Co., Ltd., was established and is now in charge of logistics information and communication business by using software such as TMS and WMS, which use RFID technology, that is important in ubiquitous era, as core capability and is essential for logistics in 2006.

LogisALL will fulfill our mission and roles as a total logistics community by thinking the meaning of business called Total Logistics Alliance.

We promise to become LogisALL that achieves Win-Win with customers by researching and developing new logistics system required by customers.